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Monday, March 21, 2005

Occam's Shaving Brush

I made the mistake of turning on the radio Motzai Shabbos. It was tuned to the local talk radio station, and the host was talking about the recent fireball over Washington state. He quoted someone who saw it in eastern Washington, who said that it was very bright at that (roughly) "It didn't move as quickly as a meteor usual does." From which the host went on to conclude that until they "find the rock", this was an Unidentified Flying Object. He went on that they often "don't find a rock" and that there is some "mystery" about meteors in generclick

What is it with these people that everything has to become a mystery and conspiracy. Subjective impressions are taken as proof. Arguments beg the question. (You only require a "rock" if you assume that all meteors result in meteorite falls. Evidence to the contrary is inadmissable.) For people such as these, Occam's razor does not hold. They would much rather obscure things with Occam's deservedly less-famous shaving brush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the little green men that hopped out of it and danced the hora didn't impress you either!

Skeptics! Sheez!

4:41 p.m., March 21, 2005  
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