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Friday, April 01, 2005


It's here again. The dreaded spring weekend where, by government decree, we lose a valuable hour of Pesach cleaning time. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in enlightened places like Indiana, Arizona, or Saskatchewan. My kids can't get up on time for school as it is, how am I to get them out of bed an hour earlier come Monday?

The whole thing is a fraud anyway. The British are more honest about it, calling it just plain "Summer Time", but here we get a Madison Ave. getting into the act with this prattle about saving daylight. No. Someone decided that it would be a good idea for people to get up earlier in the summer, to take advantage of all that beautiful extra sunshine. But, people, being people, stubbornly insisted on keeping to their usual schedules, so the whole thing had to be legislated into existence.

It is bad enough that it starts in April, but why does it have to go all the way to the end of October? Where is the logic in starting just after the vernal equinox, but having it go half-way to the winter solstice? If it really has to do with the amount of daylight, we ought to turn it off two months earlier, i.e. at the beginning of September. If we really must put up with this, let the clocks go back the day before school starts.

Meanwhile, the Kazaks have the right idea: Abolish Daylight Savings Time.


Blogger Rebeljew said...

And we could start the Seder at 10 PM, or was that 9 PM. Shoot, things were much easier when the Earth was flat and the inhabited world was one timezone.

12:04 a.m., April 03, 2005  

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