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Monday, May 02, 2005

Hiatus ended

I'm back after a Pesach hiatus. I've got some new posts brewing on various topics, but workload will determine when they will appear. Meanwhile, the Cassini people have released a bunch more images from the latest flybys of Titan and Enceladus. The latter is sufficiently intriguing that the spacecraft will be passing much closer to the surface on the July 14 pass.

HST celebrates its 15th anniversary in orbit with some new pretty pictures.

The death watch on the Liberal government in Ottawa continues. Lots of fun political strategems in play as the Tories try to bring down the Liberals and force an election. They're hoping that Canadians will finally have lost their ability to hold their noses and elect the patently corrupt Grits. (The linked article refers back to the famous King-Byng affair of 1926. Note that under current rules Meighen would likely not have gone down immediately to defeat. In those days, ministers, on assuming office, had to resign and stand for re-election. Byng had the constitutional right of the affair, but King was the master politician of his day and played the public beautifully in gaining reelection.)

Round about the time things may come to a head in Ottawa, the election in British Columbia will be held. This is the first under BC's fixed election date law. At the same time, a referendum on the plan to move to a new election method will be held. If passed, the next BC election will be the first modern Canadian experiment in proportional representation.


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