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The passing scene as observed by an observant Jew, who daylights as an astronomer.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Virtual Blogging

Over the past two months of silence, I've written several fascinating posts. Well, I thought they were anyway. The problem is that they never got passed down my fingers into actual text, having remained at the more rarified level of my thoughts. And, having thought about them long enough, I got them out of my system with nary a trace left behind. Brilliant turns of phrase, cogent arguments, revealing anecdotes, not even lost to the bit bucket, but just words that never made it outside my head. Which is fine for me, but what good is it to you, my ten loyal visitors? So let me try and resurrect one or two of those posts, or download to my fingers something else new. Especially for those of you taking a break on your way to Arcturus. Mind you, there's lots of old stuff to look at while you're waiting, most of which doesn't even have Hebrew in it.


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