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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Terrorist Booking Agency

Mark Steyn has a review up for Speilberg's latest movie Munich. Comparing the movie to its source he writes
...there’s a short almost parenthetical paragraph in Jonas’s book about the Israeli team arriving in Athens ‘to find the safe house in which they spent that first night filled with Arab terrorists’. In the print version, it’s a booking screw-up which the Israelis turn to their advantage by passing themselves off as Red Army Faction...
So, somewhere there is a travel agency that caters just to terrorists. Call it "Terrorist and Nationalist Travel", or "Bookings On Overseas Missions", or something. Perhaps they even have their own website these days. A sort of terrorist expedia. Let's give them a call and see what services they provide.

Good afternoon, BOOM Travel, how may I help you?

Safe houses? Certainly sir. We have Europe's finest collection of safe houses. We have locations in all the biggest cities. Most at very inconvenient locations for the locals.

Yes, we can arrange for very discreet airport pickup and transportation to the safe house. Will your party all be arriving together?

Separately. Of course, I fully understand. That is not a problem. Just let us know when they'll be arriving and we'll have unremarkable cars and drivers on hand. Are you planning on aquiring weapons locally, or smuggling them in? We can put you in touch with local providers if that would be of assistance.

Yes, we can provide maps and other information. Were you planning on a military or civilian target?

No, we can provide information for both. Price will depend on the target, of course. Now, will you be requiring a translater?

No, that's fine. Take your time to decide on your operational details. Please do try and call well ahead though. If you are planning an operation in peak season, you'd better book well ahead, as our safe houses may be full.

Well, thank you for calling. Just let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Anonymous achmed Goldstein said...

Hello BOOM Travel?
Can you provide a location near the safe house with an open field so we can "practice" with some of our more annoying and gullible trainees?

Can we apply for partial prorated refund if ordinance goes off prematurely?

Is there an optional accommodation for kosher meals?

10:16 a.m., February 03, 2006  

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